Name: Nero
Type:Aronia melanocarpa
Family:Rosaceous plants
Siblings:Rubina, Hugin, Viking, Aron
Size/growth height:I grow to a height of approximately 2.5-3 m.
Leaves:Green in the summer, red in the autumn, bare in the winter;)
Blossoms:white blossoms in May (see photo)
Fruit:I form small, round aronia berries during the summer, which are at first reddish and then bluish-black. They are approximately 6-12 mm in size and weigh 1-1.5 g when they are harvested.
Favorite location:I love the sun, but I also grow well in partial shade.
Favorite soil:Hmm...I like all types of soil, but I prefer a mixture of sand and loam.
Perfect time to plant:Winter! This lets me become acquainted with my surroundings gradually and form roots by the time spring returns.
Special characteristics:I am easy to care for and resistant to insects and parasites. Furthermore, I grow well on my own, but enjoy company, too. But most importantly: I’m winter-hardy, and temperatures as low as -35°C don’t faze me!

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