Aronia FAQs

  • Is there an age limit for taking aronia+ PRO IMMUNE or aronia+ PRO Kids?

    There is no age limit for taking aronia+ PRO IMMUNE drinkable ampoules. Children’s intake of micronutrients such as zinc (4.5 mg) and selenium (50 µg) should be monitored. Intake can be diluted with water, and taken in portions. For little adventurers we also offer aronia+ PRO Kids. We do not recommend using this supplement before age 4 in order to ensure appropriate administration of the gummies (which can be sucked on or chewed).

  • How long should I take aronia+ PRO IMMUNE or aronia+ PRO Kids? Should I only take it for a limited time?

    Aronia+ recipes and intake recommendations are based on the human body’s physiological needs. Thus, there is no time limit on taking aronia+ products.

  • Can pregnant or nursing women take aronia+?

    Pregnant or nursing women can also take aronia+. In addition, they should discuss their nutrition and use of nutritional supplements with their doctor or pharmacist to ensure that they are consuming an adequate supply of micronutrients for themselves and their baby.

  • Why do aronia+ PRO IMMUNE drinkable ampoules contain preservatives?

    The ingredients added to aronia+ to maintain stability and shelf life are substances that occur naturally in plants and are approved as food additives. The quantities used for these purposes are also considered harmless when taken oven long periods. Please note, however, that even though these substances have demonstrably been well tolerated, it is impossible to rule out possible adverse effects - just like with all food substances we consume in our nutrition.

  • How are aronia+ recipes developed?

    Aronia+ recipes are developed and implemented by KIOBIS in close cooperation with URSAPHARM. This ensures that recipes comply with current scientific knowledge and have been tested for their quality and tolerability.

  • Can I “overdose” if I take aronia+ PRO IMMUNE or aronia+ PRO Kids every day?

    Aronia+ recipes are based on the human body’s physiological needs. If taken as recommended, it is impossible to overdose on the micronutrients contained in the products. If you are aware of a severe deficit in certain vitamins or trace elements, or of any illness that could influence micronutrient storage, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Could there be side effects if I take medication?

    Generally speaking, taking medication does not prevent you from taking aronia+. There are, however, exceptions that require you to follow specific rules in terms of nutrition. Therefore, please take note of the information in your medication’s package inserts and ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any dietary supplements.

  • Can taking aronia+ PRO IMMUNE or aronia+ PRO Kids cause side effects?

    Side effects can never be completely ruled out when taking dietary supplements. If side effects occur, stop taking aronia+ and inform your pharmacist.

  • Do aronia+ formulations contain animal products?

    Aronia+ immune drinkable ampoules contain vitamin D3 derived from sheep’s wool. Aronia+ KIDS contains porcine gelatin.

  • Can aronia+ PRO IMMUNE also be diluted with water or taken with other foods?

    In principle, it is fine to dilute aronia+ immune drinkable ampoules in water. This procedure is especially recommended if you want to dilute the bitter, sour taste, or if you have a sensitive stomach. The ampoules can also be mixed with cold foods (such as yogurt, juice, tea, etc.).

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