Very trendy – the healthicon


A campaign created by the German Society for Nutrition (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.) in cooperation with many health insurers, ministries, and others, intended to promote the deliberate intake of fruits and vegetables by recommending intake of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

Açai berries

Berry produced by the cabbage palm, classified as a “super food”, available in powder or juice form


A deliberate internal response to situations occurring around you (“living in the moment”)

Aronia berries

Berries of the aronia plant, rich in important vitamins and minerals

Balanced diet

Daily consumption of a diverse diet that does not consist primarily of one type of nutrient (e.g., carbohydrates), but rather is rich in various important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins


A balanced life includes all aspects of a person’s life. In addition to a balanced diet, this also includes a healthy work-life balance.


Products produced ecologically with species-appropriate treatment of animals. In most cases, they are tested according to EU guidelines and are subject to inspection.

Brain food

Various foods from a diverse diet needed to accomplish a workday, but which may differ in composition based on a person’s profession

Corporate Health

Corporate health management, programs for improving employee health, motivation, and performance, generally found in larger companies


Opposite of acceleration

Recreational drugs

Examples of recreational drugs include alcohol or cigarettes

Immune minerals

Minerals that contribute to normal immune function (e.g., zinc and selenium)


Lupin seeds are considered a protein-rich food. They can be used as a source of protein for vegans.


A Japanese green tea extract generally available here commercially in powder form. After hot water infusion, it is mixed using a bamboo whisk.


cf. organic

Slow business

A mode of working that is consciously enhanced using active downtime in order to rest and muster energy in order to remain productive despite a hectic daily life (always being accessible, continuous online presence, stress...)

Slow food

The opposite of fast food, meant to help you decelerate


Types of movement that take place during work rather than during free time, and help keep employees healthy, undertaken within the scope of human resource management measures

Super food

Foods to which a positive influence on health and wellbeing can be attributed


A diet among others characterized by complete abstinence from animal products (meat, eggs, cheese produced from milk, etc.)


Health movement targeting the achievement of mental and physical regeneration using relaxation practices (e.g., sauna, massage, beauty treatments...)

Work-life balance

Everyday private and professional lives should be in harmony in order to maintain personal health.